Typical Discounts

Coupon Savings

Coupon codes are often featured right on the homepage. These codes tend to offer dollar or percentage-off discounts, and some come coupled with a free shipping offer. Additional codes can be found right here on Ultimate Coupons. Coupons, in general, are category specific, so be sure to read the fine print.

Buy More, Save More

You can always save by buying multiple copies of your books at once. Purchase between two and nine copies to save 10% off your order, 10 to 19 copies for 15% off, or more than 20 copies to receive 20% off!

Creative Deal Hunting

Social Media Updates

My Canvas is associated with Ancestry.com. While My Canvas does not have social media pages of its own, you can get promotional updates by following the Ancestry.com Facebook and Twitter pages.

How Experts Save Even More

Know When to Shop

The best coupon codes are released in November and December, so time your orders carefully to save the most.

The Fine Print

The bulk order discount cannot be combined with any other promotion. If you enter a coupon code at checkout when placing a bulk order, the bulk order discount will be overridden.