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It sounds like the beginning of a riddle: what do computer parts, jewelry, home office furniture, sewing and craft supplies and an additional list of seemingly unconnected products have in common? The answer: they can all be found at Mwave. Wave launched its line of computer products and accessories in 1989, a time when computers were largely in the hands of DIYers. In 1995, they moved online, and were rapidly swamped by internet shoppers demanding more than just computer parts. Or at least that seems like a valid assumption. It's hard to fathom any other explanation for why an online company catering to PC builders would incorporate pet supplies, flags, golf supplies and a myriad of other non-computer related items into its product line. Whatever their reasoning, customers continue to come to Mwave for their competitive pricing, quality service and to buy the parts they need to keep their computer running so that they can keep shopping at Mwave.