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Something magical happens when you wind up a music box. The delicate tinkling sound and the little ballerina dancing to “Für Elise” enchant even the most discerning music-lovers. Many a little girl has counted one of these ballerina music boxes among her favorite gifts. And Music Box Attic exists for music-loving girls of all ages, whether they’re seven or 70. Naturally, Music Box Attic carries those sweet, twirling ballerina boxes. But you're not limited to that. Music boxes today come in a variety of beautiful styles. Music Box Attic allows you to choose the music box style, engraving preferences, and often the song you want it to play. Your audiophile will adore her personalized gift, even if her musical tastes lean more toward "California Dreamin'" than they do “Für Elise.” Music Box Attic even allows you to personalize a music box with a song of your own. However, music boxes only represent a part of the Music Box Attic's product line. Beautiful dolls, jewelry boxes, whimsical merry-go-rounds, miniature pianos and even guitar replicas are just some of the items that Music Box Attic can turn into a music box. Truly, no matter what type of music-box magic your music-lover likes, you know you'll find it at Music Box Attic.