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The creative folks at Mr. Art understand you, the passionate artist, no matter what kind of art you create. If you’re a painter, you’ll find just the right color, no matter if you paint in oil, watercolor, or acrylic. And for the photographer, there’s no better place to find lighting equipment, print protectors, and so much more. Mr. Art also keeps supplies for the craft arts like bookbinding, scrapbooking and papier mache, to name a few. More than that, Mr. Art celebrates artists, old and new. The Mr. Art website keeps bios of the world’s most famous artists and art periods, whether you’re looking for something on Art Nouveau or Michelangelo. Finally, Mr. Art stocks supplies for art storage and transport, ensuring that your art stays beautiful all through the process of creation. Mr. Art creates a better world for artists, one brushstroke, one chisel mark, one glue stick at a time.