1. Take Advantage of Rebates

MetroPCS carries a variety of phones with lots of different features.  In addition to variety, they offer great rebates on their phones.  If you’ve been on the fence about buying a new phone, check out the instant and mail-in rebates. Using both rebates can save you up to 80% on some really great phones.

Did you lose your receipt?  That’s okay — MetroPCS.com has the rebate forms for download and it also allows you to track the rebates online.  A stamp has never been worth so much.

2. Shop the Latest Plans

MetroPCS offers some of the most competitive phone and data plans.   Streaming music, movies and YouTube videos can eat up your data plan.  So MetroPCS offers $40 a month for unlimited talk, text and data, with no annual contract.  And there’s no hidden fees or taxes in that price.  That $40 includes everything.  More than one person in the family needs a cell phone?  Perfect because it doesn’t cost much to add another line to your plan.  In fact, adding just one line will save you $120 a year.  And sometimes if the time is right, MetroPCS will offer a free phone during like Christmas, Memorial Day, and Summer so all you pay is the price of your plan.