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Everyone wants to live a long life. However, a key component to enjoying those later years is to stay healthy, active, and pain-free. MELT was developed to help create a balanced nervous system that’s supported by healthy connective tissue. The revolutionary practice includes diet and exercise, and can produce results with just a ten-minute session three times a week. Over time, through regular practice, MELT is designed to help the body restore its balance, repair itself, and offer natural relief from chronic pain. Sue Hitzmann is the manual and connective tissue therapist who developed the method and continues to teach others to become MELT specialists. The program encourages proactive care to slow down the aging process, through addressing the nervous system, connective tissue, and joints. Even if the body is recovering from injury, surgery, pregnancy, or is recovering from a sedentary lifestyle, then MELT is the gentle way to begin an exercise and wellness program.