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Get Real Man 6 months ago (12/02/2014)

You dogs are barking up the wrong tree. These code are NOT magicjack codes. The codes are here to hijack your computer and put cookies on to track you. Why do you think NONE of them work?

Enter Your Name 8 months ago (10/17/2014)

doesn't work - tried Oct 17 2014

Anonymous 15 months ago (3/22/2014)

does not work

Pissed Off 21 months ago (9/30/2013)

Magic Jack customer service is horse shit! You get what you pay for very low quality and no help! PLUS they've raised their rate by 50% from last year! I can get a FREE app for my kid's iPads to do the same damn thing. I hate these idiots!!

Uchiha Madara 22 months ago (8/19/2013)


WYNO 25 months ago (5/29/2013)


bitch 29 months ago (2/07/2013)

stupid!!!!!!!! code

Anonymous 30 months ago (12/27/2012)

ditto, doesn't work, what a bunch of garbage, after clicking on "get code" button the site re-directs to the magic jack website, ripoff, we'll see if this comment actually posts and stays up...

Anonymous 32 months ago (10/24/2012)

Does not work

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Ever wish you could talk as much as you want with long-distance friends and family without breaking your bank account? Well, now you can! Tap into the power of cyberspace by using magicJack. As the inventor of Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) technology, magicJack knows a thing or two about using the Internet to communicate. By offering products and services from a selection of 25,000 retailers and online, the company has provided the technology to make phone calls affordable worldwide. In 2013, the company won the prestigious Frost and Sullivan award for the best consumer VoIP service. With options for home and travel, magicJack provides products and plans sure to fit every budget. So with magicJack, you can definitely get your talk on!