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Feeling that wanderlust again? Planning an exciting getaway? Whatever your destination, you cannot overlook the most important part of travel, having the right luggage. Whether you need a single bag or want to invest in a whole new set, Luggage Online is the place to shop, with inventory from over 100 of the top brands like Samsonite, TUMI, Rimowa, Travelpro and more. Luggage Online has its roots as a branch of a prestigious luggage retailer, founded in 1927. In 2013, the website was launched, and quickly became the top online resource for luggage and accessories. The site’s product line includes TWA-approved carry-ons, luggage sets, duffel bags, briefcases, backpacks, handbags and more. With a 110% low price guarantee and free shipping on orders of $99 or more, why would you shop anywhere else? Earn discounts by joining their rewards program and get free shipping on all orders of $99 or more.


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