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Are you feeling lucky? You are if you are wearing the iconic apparel offered by Lucky Brand Jeans. Since its founding in Los Angeles in 1990, Lucky Brand has focused on staying true to the authentic American spirit of denim by creating styles with a fabulous fit and vintage-inspired details. The character and soul of these jeans is crafted by hand, with ripping, fraying, patching and sanding done to make each piece individually unique. Although best known for its distinctive denim, Lucky Brand offers a complete apparel line for men, women and kids, including tees, knits, dresses, shorts, outerwear and swimwear. There is also a full accessory line, with footwear, handbags, belts, scarves, hats, jewelry, fragrance and more. When your wardrobe is craving a taste of laidback luxury, shop Lucky Brand Jeans in over 200 Lucky Brand stores, in many major retail outlets, or on its website at LuckyBrand.com.


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