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There’s nothing quite like fresh Maine lobster. When you have a craving for the delicious lobster that can only be found off the coast of Maine, nothing else will suffice. And thanks to LobsterAnywhere.com, you can get that fresh lobster delivered right to your door. The lobsters are trapped by independent lobstermen and women off the coast of Maine. The lobsters are then graded and briefly kept in refrigerated salt water tanks. The lobsters are then packed in thick shipping coolers which also contain frozen gel packs and seaweed or wet newspaper to keep the lobsters moist. The live lobsters arrive to you 24 hours later, ready to be prepared. If you are unsure about cooking lobster or have any other questions, you can learn about all things lobster at Lobster University, an informative segment of LobsterAnywhere.com’s website. And if you can find the answer you need there, you can ask Lobster Louie any seafood question you may have. Live lobsters aren’t all you’ll find at LobsterAnywhere.com. This seafood retailer also stocks shrimp, scallops, mussels and clams. They also feature a surf and turf section where you can purchase steak and seafood individually or as a package deal. If you are looking for ready to eat foods, LobsterAnywhere.com offers a wide selection of prepared foods including lobster rolls, desserts, chowders, and more. So next time you need to fulfill your craving for Maine seafood, visit LobsterAnywhere.com to have fresh seafood delivered to your door.