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Mike 1 month ago (10/07/2015)

Works for LR3 - Open Air.

jason 21 months ago (2/27/2014)

works on lr2 reconditioned base

Anne 21 months ago (2/09/2014)

worked on Reconditioned LR2 Bubble Unit

Karl 23 months ago (12/12/2013)

"The promotional code you entered does not apply to items in your cart." when used with "LR2 Drawer Liners (100 Pack)" on 12/12/2013

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Expired. Why does Ultimate Coupons show expired coupons?

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If cats could clean up after themselves, don't you think they would? Well...okay, fair enough. But with Litter-Robot around, you won't even wish you had a more self-sufficient cat instead of the adorably lazy one you call your own. That's because this cool self-cleaning littler box does all the dirty work for you and kitty (and even rejects odors thanks to its mold-resistant waste drawer). Forget scooping litter. As soon as your cat exits the globe-shaped box, the machine counts down for seven minutes. The globe then spins and sifts dirty clumps from the clean litter, depositing them into the waste receptacle underneath. Then it spins back into place and is ready for your cat once again. The drawer is designed to hold clumps for days, so feel free to spend your new-found free time doing other, non-litter related things. Should be easy.


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