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Litter Robot is a patented litter sifting system that helps you save up to 50% on litter. This innovative litter box is cleaned automatically, separating the clean litter from the waste.

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Litter Robot

works on lr2 reconditioned base

7 months ago (2.27.2014) by jason

worked on Reconditioned LR2 Bubble Unit

8 months ago (2.09.2014) by Anne

"The promotional code you entered does not apply to items in your cart." when used with "LR2 Drawer Liners (100 Pack)" on 12/12/2013

10 months ago (12.12.2013) by Karl

verified $10 off plus free shipping at on 11/19/2013

11 months ago (11.19.2013)

8/16/2012 11:37AM Tested on LR2 Bubble Unit

26 months ago (8.16.2012) by IB Ruth

4/26/2012 11:41AM Tested on Litter-Robot II

30 months ago (4.26.2012) by Ruth S.

1/27/2012 15:13PM Tested on Litter-Robot II

33 months ago (1.27.2012) by Ruth Sarreal


Tested at Litter Robot on 8/21/2014

2 months ago (8.21.2014)

It is not really for any order. It is only for the litter robot itself, and free shipping is always included for that item, so no reason to use this coupon code.

3 months ago (7.07.2014)

Tested at Little Robot on 4/16/2014

6 months ago (4.16.2014)

Litter Robot Coupons

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