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LeapFrog offers educational toys for children of all ages from infants to teenagers, including the Little Touch LeapPad, Leap Pad, Leapster, Fly Fusion, Click Start My First Computer and more.

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LeapFrog Coupons

Coupons for LeapFrog

tested on LeapsterGS Hello Kitty Bundle

13 months ago (9.10.2013) by BethC

tested on lettersaurus toys

14 months ago (8.28.2013) by BethC

Tested on LeapPad2 Power Learning Tablet.

15 months ago (7.22.2013) by Christine

tested on fridge words magnetic word builders

17 months ago (5.15.2013) by BethC

tested on tag reading systems

18 months ago (4.09.2013) by BethC

tested on leappad sleeves

20 months ago (2.11.2013) by BethC

tested on My Pal Violet

21 months ago (1.29.2013) by BethC


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Stores may reuse coupons, or extend their expiration date without our knowledge. These codes will most likely not work, but there's a chance they may.

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Savings Tips

Types of Deals

Discounts by Department

When you shop online at LeapFrog.com, check out the specials page before you do anything else. There you will find sale and clearance items, bundle discounts, and current coupons. Don't forget to take a peak at the App Center homepage for additional coupons. And keep an eye out during the first three days of the month, the second week, and the last week of the month for special coupon codes for even more savings.

Free Shipping

Free shipping offers occasionally occur online, though a minimum spend is usually required. Many of the items that LeapFrog is currently promoting will automatically qualify for free shipping.

Email Subscription

When you sign up for LeapFrog's email subscription you'll get the latest updates on sales and discounts.

Creative Deal Hunting

Facebook Giveaways

When you join LeapFrog's Top Fans Facebook Application, you will be able to interact with others in the Leapfrog community by uploading your photos and talking about your experience with LeapFrog products. Each entry made will be judged and one winner will be rewarded with a $100 gift card to use on Leapfrog.com. Make sure you follow LeapFrog's Facebook page as well to find additional giveaways and sweepstakes to enter. When you complete an activity listed on Facebook and review your experience, you will get an entry form to automatically be entered in a drawing where you could win another $100 LeapFrog.com gift card.

Get Rewards

By uploading your data from your LeapFrog device to the LeapFrog Connect Application, your play data will be turned into rewards that can be redeemed for additional learning tools.

How Experts Save Even More

Shop Annual Sale

When you shop during the LeapFrog summer sale, you can find many specials offers on LeapFrog products. Be sure to watch for special coupons and giveaways around major holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are opportunities to find some really good bargains.

Buy A Bundle

When you purchase bundle on LeapFrog.com, you will see huge savings on products and avoid multiple shipments too.

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