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Like me, do you wish you could find a way to get your kids away from the constant video games and engaged in activities more creative and stimulating? Well, Lakeshore Learning carries products designed to do just that. Lakeshore Learning opened its first store in San Leandro, California in 1958, dedicated to providing educational materials that would spark young imaginations and make learning fun so that kids would enjoy and want to learn more. In 1988, Lakeshore Learning began developing its own educational products, which are thoroughly tested through classroom use. Shop products by grade and age, and according to your child’s targeted learning needs. Whether you are a teacher or parent, working with pre-school or elementary-aged children, you will find a huge selection of games, puzzles, block, literature, and active play items designed to make learning enjoyable. The site also includes teacher resources, like lesson plans and templates, too.

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Lakeshore Learning Coupons