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Reuben 2 months ago (11/26/2015)

Why does this have to be the ONLY relbaile source? Oh well, gj!

Judy 13 months ago (1/03/2015)

Didn't work for ME! $300+ and still had to pay shipping.

Anonymous 14 months ago (12/08/2014)

This is just their normal shipping deal.

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Anonymous 13 months ago (12/31/2014)

I had to sign up for the newsletter on their web site, and got a code for $5 off immediately. When I used this like it did nothing, go to the website

Donna 18 months ago (8/08/2014)

I signed up, even ordered over $50. No $5 coupon.

Anonymous 21 months ago (5/13/2014)

$5 off on a minimum $50 order, only they don't tell you that unless they complain. Very deceptive.

Anonymous 24 months ago (2/03/2014)

I sent them a message telling them I did not get the $5 off code. They replied in very little time and deducted the $5 off of my order.

ken@carrico.com 27 months ago (10/29/2013)

tried several times to apply coupon, no luck, please explain. Tks.

Anonymous 31 months ago (7/10/2013)

You have to spend $50

Ronnie Miller 33 months ago (5/02/2013)

I signed up but no instsnt of . I signed up several times did not give me the $5.00 off

Anonymous 34 months ago (4/11/2013)

does not work

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KV Supply is an exclusive online destination for all your pet care needs. KV Supply provides high quality products for your cats, dogs, ferrets, birds and other livestock.