Typical Discounts

Free Shipping

Kmart is aware that shipping costs can add a substantial fee to your order, but shoppers who spend $59 or more can enjoy free shipping on purchases. Check your total expenditure before making your purchase. Buying multiple items in one order can maximize your ability to qualify for free shipping.

Ongoing MAX Card Benefits

Sign-up for a three month trial Shop Your Way MAX card membership to enjoy additional savings. A full MAX card membership has an annual $39 fee. In addition to free shipping on most items without a minimum expenditure, MAX card members enjoy upgraded shipping at a discounted price on most items, complimentary 3000 points per month (valued at $3), and double base points with a Shop Your Way membership.

Email Newsletter

Go to Kmart.com to register for their email newsletter. Click on “join for free” at the top of the page, and learn about deals and promotions based on your preferences.

Credit Card Rewards Program

Sears and Kmart share the same credit card. Sears cardholders can accrue points at a rate of 5% on qualifying Kmart items. Every 1,000 points equals one $1. Point credit is not available when shoppers take advantage of deferred interest deals. For information about the card, go to Kmart.com and click on “Sears card” at the bottom of the page.

Shop Your Way Membership

Want to earn even more from your credit card? Go to Shop Your Way to sign up for a free membership and then link your membership to your Sears card by following these directions or calling 1-800-669-8488. Use Shop Your Way from a downloadable app, your computer, or in a store. You can then accrue shopping points anywhere once you link your membership. Members receive an additional 2% back on qualifying purchases charged on the Sears card; information about discounts, sweepstakes and coupons; and access to community product reviews.


Kmart accepts store and manufacturers’ coupons, but purchasers may only use one coupon per item. However, if the store is running in-store automatic discounts, employees will apply them even if you use a coupon. Store coupons are usually targeted toward a particular department, but some coupons can be used in multiple departments. Some coupons are only available to MAX participants. Check out UC's coupons, or visit Kmart’s home page for coupons you can clip for in-store use.

Generally coupons will only work on items sold by Kmart, and not on anything sold by Sears or any other associated or Marketplace-merchant on the Kmart site. You can only use one coupon at a time, but Kmart constantly runs tons of category-specific automatic-discount-in-cart type offers, which can be combined with a code and can pop up and surprise you. Be sure to click on the landing page for whatever category you’re shopping to see if such an offer is being announced there.


Kmart runs frequent sales, so browse the newsletter and website to take advantage of advertised sales and promotions.

Creative Deal Hunting

Promotions Mentioned on Social Media

Visit Kmart’s Twitter and Facebook pages regularly. Sometimes they mention sales or promotions that can save you money.

How Experts Save Even More

Identify the Best Sales

Experts save the most by shopping during Kmart’s best sales. Typically, holiday sales yield the biggest savings.

Comparison Shop Online Versus In-Store

Kmart limits some coupons for online use, so prices can vary depending on where you make your purchase.