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We’ve all heard of the benefits of using aloe vera to soothe a sunburn. Back in 1971, the founders of Key West Aloe took that knowledge a step further, and developed an entire product line of luxurious skincare items featuring aloe vera as the key ingredient. Because aloe vera is naturally nourishing, moisturizing and age-defying, it makes the perfect base to combine with other scientifically-proven ingredients to create the world’s best skincare treatments. Key West Aloe products contain more than 20 amino acids, along with vital minerals and vitamins which act as antioxidants, immunity boosters and DNA and cell builders, to make these products literally superfoods for your skin. With product lines specializing in facial care, sun protection, after-sun care, fragrances, men’s skin and pet care, Key West Aloe has been providing the most nourishing products, safe for even the most sensitive skin, for over 40 years.