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Oh, wonderful coffee, I could write an ode to you - the rich, spicy aroma, the exquisite taste, the way you turn my dreary morning to heavenly. The wait used to be almost unbearable as I had to measure the scoops, clean the pot, fill the machine and wait for an entire pot to brew before I could indulge my necessary addiction. Then Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. turned my life around in the most incredible way. The innovative Keurig brewer lets you brew one cup at a time with just the touch of a button. And no longer are you stuck with an entire can of one flavor day after day until it runs out. Now you and your guests can choose from any of the 60 brands and 400 varieties offered in Keurig’s brewing pods. Sustainably grown coffee, available with variety, simplicity and convenience; Keurig really has it down.

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Tested on Green Mountain Coffee.

12 months ago (1.05.2014) by Christine

Tested on K-Cup: Green Mountain Coffee.

15 months ago (10.09.2013) by Christine

Tested on Keurig Vue V700 Brewing System .

18 months ago (7.23.2013) by Christine

Tested on MINI Plus Brewing System.

24 months ago (1.08.2013) by Christine

Didn't work

25 months ago (12.28.2012) by Kathi

7/18/2012 22:48PM Tested on k cups

30 months ago (7.18.2012) by iblori

Coupons for Keurig

That's all I ever get! I have yet to find a coupon or promo code that saves me much of anything. I think the only way to get a worthwhile discount is if you purchase 5-6 boxes at a time and I'm not financially able to do that.

8 months ago (5.01.2014) by Michelle

Only got 10%

10 months ago (3.20.2014)

Tested on Club Keurig Membership.

12 months ago (1.17.2014) by Christine

Tested on Club Keurig.

18 months ago (7.10.2013) by Christine

Tested on Club Keurig.

22 months ago (3.19.2013) by Christine