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J. Peterman founded his namesake company after being stopped on the street numerous times by people wanting to know where he had bought his coat. He realized that people were interested in owning items that are unique and come with a romantic back story, so he started a company to make these types of hard-to-find items readily available. Now, the buyers at J. Peterman travel the world to bring uncommon goods to its customers. Shop here for unique apparel for men and women, including its iconic original horseman’s duster, and accessories like hats, footwear, eyewear, bags and luggage, fragrance, jewelry and watches. J. Peterman is the place to find eclectic home goods for the kitchen and garden, and shop its One-Of-A-Kind items for a wide variety of collectibles and décor you truly won’t find anywhere else. J. Peterman goods are available through its Owner’s Manual catalogs and on its website.


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