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Joe's Pet Meds Coupons.

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Anonymous 9 months ago (12/31/2014)

I had to sign up for the newsletter on their web site, and got a code for $5 off immediately. When I used this like it did nothing, go to the website

Donna 13 months ago (8/08/2014)

I signed up, even ordered over $50. No $5 coupon.

Anonymous 16 months ago (5/13/2014)

$5 off on a minimum $50 order, only they don't tell you that unless they complain. Very deceptive.

Anonymous 20 months ago (2/03/2014)

I sent them a message telling them I did not get the $5 off code. They replied in very little time and deducted the $5 off of my order. 23 months ago (10/29/2013)

tried several times to apply coupon, no luck, please explain. Tks.

Anonymous 27 months ago (7/10/2013)

You have to spend $50

Ronnie Miller 29 months ago (5/02/2013)

I signed up but no instsnt of . I signed up several times did not give me the $5.00 off

Anonymous 29 months ago (4/11/2013)

does not work

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Anonymous 24 months ago (9/11/2013)

cannot activate

Anonymous 34 months ago (12/07/2012)

Why when it showed discount activated at checkout I didn"t receive the discount?

Anonymous 34 months ago (11/13/2012)

My discount didn't apply as they indicated it would!

rob 36 months ago (9/20/2012)

did not work

Anonymous 37 months ago (9/12/2012)

Doesn't Work - Why leave on coupons page?

Anonymous 37 months ago (9/07/2012)

No number shown to put on order. Why is this even here? Doesn't do anything.

snowqueen 37 months ago (9/06/2012)


sherullamu 39 months ago (6/19/2012)

very cool

Anonymous 40 months ago (6/11/2012)

Didn'T show on my order

Anonymous 40 months ago (6/09/2012)

Didn't work for me either

Anonymous 40 months ago (5/28/2012)

Coupon clearly does not work!!!!

Anonymous 41 months ago (4/16/2012)

This did not work!

Anonymous 42 months ago (4/13/2012)

Ditto, didn't work for me too!

Anonymous 42 months ago (3/31/2012)

Did not work for me either

Anonymous 42 months ago (3/24/2012)

discount did not work

lady from virginia 43 months ago (3/15/2012)

did not worki, full price was charged

Jim 44 months ago (2/06/2012)

I also trd to use this coupon...and it did not come up. Sent email to customer service

Eileen 44 months ago (2/04/2012)

I tried to use this coupon but it did not come up as noted on your site. Please advise.

jane collins 46 months ago (12/08/2011)

what is the "coupon code" for up to $ 49 off flea meds at joes pet

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Some retailers talk about low prices. Then, there’s Joe’s Pet Meds. This pet med supplier regularly visits competitor’s stores and sites to ensure it has the lowest prices. Period. Plus, company staff say that Joe is so crazy about slashing prices, they can hardly keep up. Running around the office, saying “discount this,” “liquidate that,” he keeps them on their toes. But Joe’s low prices do not mean low quality. The company sells the best name brands like Frontline, Advantage and Heartgard. And, they offer an assortment of over-the-counter or prescription, heartworm, tapeworm, flea and tick treatments. With over 200,000 customers in a few short years, and pages of testimonials, they must be doing something right. None of us likes to think of Fido or Fluffy getting sick – but if they do, Joe’s can get your pet all better, without breaking the bank.