Types of Deals

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Get the Credit Card

American Express has teamed up with JetBlue to offer a rewards credit card. There is no introductory fee for the first year, and all purchases earn one TrueBlue point. You can earn up to eight TrueBlue points per dollar on eligible flights and getaway packages. If you spend $1000 within the first three months, you will receive 20,000 points. When purchasing a JetBlue getaway package, you receive a $50 statement credit. When flying, you save 50% on all in-flight purchases, such as movies and snacks. TrueBlue points are redeemable for flights or getaway packages, and there are no blackout periods.

Shop the Deals

JetBlue offers discounts on both vacation packages and flights. These discounts are usually destination-based. For getaways, you can receive double TrueBlue points, discounted pricing and a best price guarantee. JetBlue advertises flights starting at $59 for a one-way ticket, but you can also sort by city to find the best deals available from your local airport.

Creative Deal Hunting

Use Social Media

By following JetBlue on Twitter, you can find exclusive deals, such as hotels offering extra TrueBlue points. On their Facebook page, they regularly host contests and giveaways for vacation packages.

How Experts Save Even More

Shop after the Holidays

JetBlue hosts an annual fare sale in early February, and that is when you can expect to find the lowest prices on tickets to popular destinations. These flights usually start at $39 for a one-way fare.