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Anonymous 17 months ago (12/11/2013)

This is not automatically activated...does not work

Anonymous 17 months ago (12/04/2013)

Did not reflect any discount on my purchase!

Anonymous 18 months ago (11/03/2013)

These coupons have never worked for me. I am a regular Javacabana customer and every time I "activate" these coupons, that supposedly apply at checkout, they never have!!

Christine 19 months ago (10/22/2013)

Tested on Cafe Pilon Espresso.

Anonymous 20 months ago (9/11/2013)

this is not a coupon, but their standard pricing

Anonymous 23 months ago (6/30/2013)

Didn't work for me on a case

Christine 23 months ago (6/26/2013)

Tested on Cafe Bustelo 6 oz Brick.

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