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Bottled water is supposed to taste great and be good for you, right? Better for you than, say, the tap water that comes out of your sink. The truth is, the water you get from your faucet goes through more of a regulating process than your bottled water. A sound argument for drinking tap water? Not so much. The water from your faucet has additives like chlorine and fluoride. These give your water a yucky taste and some can even be harmful for you. So what's the solution then? In a word: ISOPure. Or more specifically, ISOPure Water ISO - RO5 Reverse Osmosis System. The ISOPure system has been shown to reduce the contaminants in water by 98%. That's less than 16 parts per million, compared to the water you get straight out of your faucet, which has been shown to have a contaminant/ water ratio of 350 parts per million. Big difference. The results? Better tasting, better-for-you water. The system installs easily under most standard home sinks. You'll save money and time. And end up with a great glass of water every single time. No bottles necessary.