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Anonymous 34 months ago (4/10/2013)

Did NOT work, thank you!

Anonymous 34 months ago (4/07/2013)

This code on site is not valid...

Anonymous 34 months ago (4/06/2013)

Didn't work!

Anonymous 34 months ago (4/05/2013)

did not work. April 5, 2013

Anonymous 34 months ago (4/04/2013)

This coupon code doesn't work

Anonymous 34 months ago (4/03/2013)

this coupon would not work says invalid

Anonymous 34 months ago (4/03/2013)

Just used this code. Insect Lore says repeatedly that it is not valid. :(

CD 35 months ago (3/07/2013)

Would not work for me

Anonymous 35 months ago (3/06/2013)

Not working now

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Give your child the chance to learn and experience the different critters in the world around them. Since 1969, Insect Lore has been providing families with the chance to watch different insects grow into full-grown adults. Once your insects are grown, you can set them free and watch them enjoy the great expanse of the world around them. Depending on what type of insects you like, you can pick and choose from a few different options to give your children a number of different learning experiences. From their cup of caterpillars to their live ladybug land, live butterfly garden and more, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the world of insects. At Insect Lore, you can get live insects in your home in no time without having to spend a fortune along the way. Bring science into your home in one of the most fun and exciting methods around.