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Busy parents have a lot on their minds every day, and babies and kids come with so many accessories to keep up with. InchBug wants to help make your lives easier by providing labels to help you keep your kids’ clothing, toys and school gear organized and easily identifiable. The site’s best-selling BumpyName Orbit Label, is the easiest way to label bottles, sippy cups, snack bowls and other containers. The rubber labels can be customized with a name and/or icon, are dishwasher-safe, reusable and never fade or peel. InchBug also carries a wide selection of specialty labels which can be customized with names, dates, pictures and allergy alert information to identify all your child’s belongings. Besides labels, the site offers a variety of merchandise to simplify parents’ lives including feeding, diapering, travel and stroller accessories, school supplies, storage solutions, child safety, bedding, bath and grooming products, apparel, gifts and more.


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