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Anonymous 7 months ago (9/21/2014)


Billie-Marie Pilotti 11 months ago (5/05/2014)

didn't work

Anonymous 13 months ago (3/10/2014)


MaggieLou2 15 months ago (1/30/2014)

It did not work--Jan 30, 2014

Anonymous 15 months ago (1/28/2014)


Anonymous 15 months ago (1/10/2014)

Jan 10th - coupon did not work

linda 16 months ago (12/16/2013)


Adrienne 17 months ago (12/02/2013)

Did not work 12/2/13 for 77581 zip code. Invalid Coupon

Anonymous 17 months ago (11/15/2013)

expired as are all of these coupons

mlf 24 months ago (4/22/2013)


Elaine 25 months ago (4/06/2013)

This processed as a $2 off shipping coupon, not free. Thank you anyway.

Anonymous 25 months ago (3/20/2013)

it takes $2 off of shipping charge

Anonymous 29 months ago (11/19/2012)

this coupon did not work

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Anonymous 5 months ago (10/31/2014)

Expired 7/2014

Enter Your Name 6 months ago (10/13/2014)

Does not work

Anonymous 7 months ago (9/28/2014)

Does not work

Anonymous 7 months ago (9/28/2014)

Did not work.

Enter Your Name 7 months ago (9/19/2014)

Did not work.

Marie 9 months ago (7/14/2014)

It worked great

Anonymous 9 months ago (7/01/2014)

Didn't work for me. Maybe Maine is too far away.

Anonymous 10 months ago (6/26/2014)

This worked! Be sure to use the "copy code" button because it didn't work when I used "control c" to copy the code.

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Home Sew offers unique and exclusive craft and sewing supplies. You can shop from their varied category of products like craft and bridal supplies, quilting supplies, dolls and accessories and much more.