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The cost of home security counts as one of those topics that no one likes to think about. But as the professionals at Home Security Store can tell you, you don't want to leave this discussion until it's too late. The average loss on a home burglary is over $2,000 dollars. If this seems like just an unfortunate thing that other people experience, think again. A home robbery takes place somewhere in America every 13 seconds. It could be your family's heirloom jewelry, costly electronics, and cash and credit cards that disappear into the thief's bag. In times like these, the best defense is actually good offense, and the Home Security Store can help. It'll set up your home with security equipment like driveway alarms, security cameras, and other types of home security devices. These professionals also give you advice about the best ways to protect your home. Sure, the security system may cost you some, but the feeling of safety and security you get from having it is priceless.