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Home Science Tools makes science both fun and accessible to students and parents outside the classroom. Like most companies, Home Science Tools began to fill a need. More than 20 years ago, Frank and Debbie Schaner were finding it difficult to find the right supplies and instruments to conduct science projects at home with their four growing children. So with Frank’s chemical engineering background, the two started a company, and soon after it became clear that they weren’t the only ones on the hunt for science supplies. As more and more customers discovered Home Science Tools, the Schaner family was forced to move products out of their spare closet and into a larger space. Today, all the microscopes, chemistry supplies, science kits, curriculum, and other gadgets, are stored in a 16,000-square-foot facility. Now that all the science tools and supplies are accessible, Frank hopes Home Science Tools will “[help] develop today's kids into the faithful and competent scientists, medical professionals, engineers, and teachers of tomorrow.”