1. Receive Emails

Sign up for the email newsletter, which contains information about sales and promotions, and receive 10% off on the first purchase afterward.

2. Get Social

Following Hi Health on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google + means access to feeds that offer special deals and sales.

3. Save on Shipping

While orders with perishables need to be shipped faster and can't receive special shipping rates, those in Arizona may receive free shipping on any order of at least five pounds, and orders totally at least $49 receive free shipping within continental U.S.

4. Automatically Save

For any frequently re-ordered products, customers ought to consider autoship, which may run at least every 30 days. Shipping on autoship orders is free.

5. Nab Rewards

Join the rewards program and earn points by purchases - a point per dollar spent - or referring friends, or other methods that crop up now and then. Points are redeemable at 100 for five dollars. There are even membership tiers based on how many points are earned in a 12-month period that increase the redeeming rate to six or seven dollars per 100.