Typical Discounts

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Become a Gold Member

It pays to join the Hertz Gold Plus rewards program. Some of the benefits include never having to wait at a counter or complete paperwork, the option to upgrade your vehicle, and expedited returns with eReturn service. You will also receive special member-only discounts and email offers.

Members earn one rewards point for every dollar spent at Hertz. These points can be redeemed for free weekend day rentals. There are no blackout dates. Best of all, it is completely free to join!

Typical Coupon Discounts

Visit the website’s Discounts & Coupons page to view current promotional offers. These generally include a variety of deals, including percentage-off on the total rental amount and dollar-off monthly or weekly rentals.

Select affiliate coupons feature special prepaid discounts, a percentage-off with a free tank of gas, a free extra rental day, and even free upgrades with the use of certain credit cards.

Watch Out for Sales

The website often features discounts based on specific destinations, such as “Drive into Arizona starting at $10 per day.” Sales are also based on events, such as “Rent a car during the World Soccer Championships.” Check the discount page for which sales are currently being offered.

Creative Deal Hunting

Follow Hertz

Be sure to check out Hertz on Facebook and Twitter. You can find links to discounts on both of these pages. ‘Like’ Hertz on Facebook to receive a special code for 5% off whenever you ride with Hertz. This can also be combined with a code that waives the underage fee for 20 to 24-year-old renters.

Drive into Savings with AAA

AAA members can save in a variety of ways at Hertz. Visit their Discounts & Coupons page to identify current offers. These offers vary, but in the past have include an extra 15% off rentals, $15 off certain vehicle collections and $50 off a monthly rental.

How Experts Save Even More

Shop Online

It pays to book your rentals online. Use the Hertz website to view all of the promotions available when you are ready to rent. Read the fine print on all deals to identify the one that offers the best savings for your particular needs.

Push for a Price Match

According to experts, Hertz is keen to lure customers away from its competition. If you can find a better price at another company, Hertz will match it 99% of the time and sometimes go even lower. If you are renting due to an insurance claim, be sure to inquire about free upgrades. They are likely to oblige if you threaten to otherwise go to a competitor.