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Tested on walker knee sling - worked!

5 months ago (4.27.2014) by Jane

Tested on Foam Mattress

8 months ago (2.19.2014) by Sam

Tested on Hydrofera Blue Bacteriostatic Foam Wound Dressing.

14 months ago (8.22.2013) by Jasmin

Tested on ITA-MED Four Wheel Heavy Duty Aluminum Rollator with Loop Brakes.

16 months ago (6.27.2013) by Jasmin

Tested on Invacare Soft Seat Aluminum Rollator with Straight Backrest.

17 months ago (5.29.2013) by Jasmin

Tested on Invacare Soft Seat Aluminum Rollator with Straight Backrest.

17 months ago (5.29.2013) by Jasmin

Tested on Ehob Waffle Expansion Control Mattress Overlay.

18 months ago (4.30.2013) by Jasmin

Tested on Chattervox 100 Voice Speech Amplifier.

19 months ago (3.25.2013) by Jasmin

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