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Anonymous 10 months ago (9/17/2014)

Tested on Slim Smart

BethC 18 months ago (1/10/2014)

tested on CoQ10

BethC 21 months ago (10/14/2013)

tested on grape seed extract

BethC 24 months ago (7/30/2013)

tested on grape seed extract

BethC 25 months ago (6/14/2013)

tested on slim smart`

BethC 27 months ago (4/15/2013)

tested on fast absorbing b-12 plus

BethC 35 months ago (8/22/2012)

tested on Apple Cider Advantage

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Alternative medicine and ways of healing have been practiced for a number of years with impressive results. However these days it is even easier to dabble in herbal medicine thanks to the Internet, and HCBL (Health Center for Better Living) is one of the leading places online to supply all of your needs. HCBL stocks herbal formulas for so many ailments or conditions, that it is impossible to list them all, some of them include: detox, cholesterol health, colon cleanse, heart health, immune support and omega oils. The savings are also easy to rack up, since there's a host of ways for customers to keep money in their pocket. HCBL features a regular deal of the week, free shipping on all orders $75 and up, and $5 off your purchase when you sign-up for the email newsletter. If that isn't enough to get you shopping, there is also a company catalog, gift certificates and a 100% money-back guarantee.