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Harriet Carter Harriet Carter is a business specializing in uniquely distinctive household products and gifts.

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Harriet Carter

the only coupon i found to work but at least its something!

22 days ago (1.08.2015)

1-4-15 worked

25 days ago (1.04.2015)

1/3/15 worked, saved 10% total order. Bad thing still paid for shipping :(

26 days ago (1.03.2015) by Mags

I tried about 7 different coupons before finding this one, the only one that worked....I was paying with Discover, so I knew I'd get a 5% rebate that way, but I wanted something more than that. My daughter had picked out 9 different things she wanted for her birthday--mostly for her kitchen...this code saved me $17.

1 month ago (12.30.2014)


1 month ago (12.27.2014) by Angie

This one worked today, but I only saved a couple of dollars. Order total before coupon was $26.69. After coupon was $24.25

1 month ago (12.26.2014) by Vicki

Harriet Carter Coupons


Tested on Snack Holder

13 months ago (12.13.2013) by eman

Tested on Snack Holder

13 months ago (12.13.2013) by eman

Tested on swing out shelf

16 months ago (9.26.2013) by Eman

Tested on Stainless Steel Travel Mugs

20 months ago (5.22.2013) by Eman

Tested on Instant Zipper

22 months ago (4.01.2013) by Eman


I have never had a coupon work from this site. Scam! stay away!

5 months ago (8.23.2014) by Irate

None of these work today!

9 months ago (4.18.2014)

Doesn't work

13 months ago (1.03.2014)

None of these work

14 months ago (12.04.2013)

did not work

14 months ago (11.19.2013)

did not work

14 months ago (11.19.2013)

I tried to use this offer at checkout and it was not accepted. My order total was $57.95.

15 months ago (10.28.2013)


18 months ago (7.11.2013) by KATHY BONERIGO

Did not work 5/13/2013

20 months ago (5.13.2013)

DId not work

22 months ago (4.01.2013)

why won't the coupon code work

27 months ago (10.30.2012) by kathy


30 months ago (7.24.2012)


Harriet carter coupons are phony just like Harriet Carter. I have never gotten them to work. These are bullshit coupons.

18 months ago (7.13.2013) by Dani

This code DID NOT give me 20% off my order....

22 months ago (4.02.2013)

Did not work for me

22 months ago (4.01.2013)

did not work

23 months ago (3.01.2013) by Lynn

b/4 Christmas I Ordered 1 granson visor clip and 4 granddaugher visor clips. I received 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. Knowing I had only only one grandson, that was the first one I picked up; wrapped it and started to wrap the rest, found out they were all grandsons.

25 months ago (12.29.2012) by Helen Mord

Didn't work!

26 months ago (11.19.2012)

Didn't work for me either. I think I will call and see what happens if I place the order over the phone will let you all know what happens. Happy Holidays

26 months ago (11.18.2012) by Mrs. Collins

Nothing here either

26 months ago (11.12.2012) by Dorothy

Didn't work.

30 months ago (8.07.2012)

didn't work for me. Maybe there are restrictions?

38 months ago (12.02.2011)

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