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Anonymous 5 days ago

Expired sept 23 rd., not the 30th

Anonymous 8 days ago (9/27/2015)


MDill 10 days ago (9/25/2015)

The date of the expiration of this code was not posted. I tried to use it on Sept 25. You can look at my cart and see that I had an order for over $100.00. I will not place this order. I only need the cushions now and can get them at my local Bed Bath and Beyond with a discount and no shippipng. If I hear from you before the weekend is over, I will place my order with you

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Back in 1958, Harriet Carter began a mail-order business operated out of her kitchen, with her children helping to fill orders. Today, the company remains family-owned, but has hundreds of employees, over 300,000 square feet of warehouse space, a large catalog and a website, to which they add over 1,000 products annually. Harriet Carter offers its customers products which are useful and unique, and is happy to offer a refund on any item if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. You will find a little bit of everything here, from holiday décor to household and storage items, kitchen accessories, health and beauty products, lawn and garden care and “As Seen on TV” products. When you’re searching for that specific item to make your life easier or a unique gift item, shop Harriet Carter. Where else can you find a sandwich bag rack or a musical toilet roll holder?