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Anonymous 18 months ago (10/17/2013)

LinsayT. - Tested on Pumpkin Spice Coffee 10/17/13

ibruth 19 months ago (9/18/2013)

tested on Ginger Gifts

Lisa Ann 21 months ago (7/19/2013)

Tested on Q-Teacup w/ handle-Leaf

Lisa 23 months ago (5/17/2013)

Tested on Organic 100% Apple Juice

Lisa 25 months ago (4/02/2013)

tested on Ocean Blue Blossom Set - 4 oz cup

Lisa 25 months ago (3/22/2013)

Tested on Iwachu Tetsubin Iron Teapot - Purple

Lisa Ann 25 months ago (3/08/2013)

Tested on Apple Pecan Tisane Scone Mix

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