Typical Discounts

Sign Up Deals

Shoppers who register for a Half account receive exclusive email deals and the latest updates. The registration process is free and simple to complete.

Typical Coupon Discounts

Generally, coupons from this merchant are released in the form of free shipping, percent or dollar-off discounts. Coupons tend to be quite rare, so if you see one, be sure to take advantage of it.

Typical Sales

Similar to coupon codes, sales are rare. Many products on the website are already majorly discounted, though. Moreover, you can occasionally save on shipping if you purchase two or more items from the same vendor. Some products on the site can even be rented, and you can always find used items at fair prices. The best discounts are generally featured right on the homepage.

Creative Deal Hunting

Social Media Updates

Even though Half does not have exclusive Facebook or Twitter discounts, you can still receive some useful updates by following these pages. Updates on both pages typically involve product and service announcements, funny stories, interesting facts, general product updates, seasonal promotions and customer inquiries.

How Experts Save Even More

Best Time to Shop

Despite not having many coupons or sales, the merchant has great deals available throughout the year. These deals differ based on the season. With proper timing, shoppers can get up to 90% off select items!

Match My Price

Using the Match My Price tool, pick any item and name the price you want to pay. Half wont charge your card or process your order until a vendor lists the exact item that matches your criteria.