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Hale Groves is one of Florida's leading gift fruit distributors.

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worked on peaches

15 months ago (7.25.2013)

worked on cherries

15 months ago (7.01.2013)

worked on peaches

16 months ago (6.19.2013)

worked on peaches

16 months ago (5.30.2013)

Worked on Fruit Stand Gift Box - Fruit Stand, Approx. 9 lbs.

17 months ago (5.06.2013)

Worked on Valencia oranges

18 months ago (4.08.2013)


Worked today, December 1st.

10 months ago (12.01.2013) by New Jersey

worked on peaches

13 months ago (9.05.2013)

worked on peaches

14 months ago (8.02.2013)

worked on oranges

16 months ago (6.12.2013)

worked on peaches

16 months ago (6.01.2013)

worked on peaches

17 months ago (5.22.2013)

Hale Groves Coupons

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Enjoy amazing deals by signing up for the Hale Groves newsletter. This weekly newsletter contains coded deals, special discounts and unique sale announcements.

Typical Sales & Coupon Discounts

Typically, sales and coupons offer percentage or dollar-off discounts. In addition, you can sometimes find BOGO deals on certain products. Some sales offer special discounts on select items in their Business Gifts section. The best deals, however, can be found in their Internet Specials section.

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Their FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and YouTube pages all contain useful information. Typical updates include seasonal promotions, healthy eating tips, interesting food facts, sitewide promotion and deal announcements, exclusive discount codes, product reviews and more!

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Best Time to Shop

The best time to shop is around major holidays. This is when Hale Groves tends to offer their best sales, free shipping and amazing coupon codes.

Holiday Shopping Fine Print

When shopping during holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, you should be aware of the fact that shipping dates may vary. This is due to the busy nature of holiday shipments. It is important, therefore, to place orders early so that they arrive by your desired date.

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