1. Earn Up to 10% More on Your Refund When you Select a $100 Gift Card
When you request a $100 gift card as part of your refund, H&R Block will add 10% to your refund in the deluxe, premium and premium & business packages or 5% if you use their basic package. Gift cards to retailers like Target, Best Buy and more than 40 others are available.

2. Free Technical Phone Support
When you get H&R Block to do your taxes, you get free support and advice from their tax experts, in any package you chose.

3. Free In-Person Audit Support
H&R Block offers its customers free in-person audit support. If the IRS ever calls for an audit, the company will send a tax professional to represent you in person, for free.

4. 100% Accuracy Guarantee or H&R Block Reimburses You for any IRS Penalty Paid
H&R Block stands by their work. If your return is ever wrong and you are assessed an IRS penalty for it, they will reimburse you for any and all IRS penalty you had to pay.