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CM 23 months ago (8/22/2013)

Tested on Kate Low-Rise Skinny Jeans with Cutouts

CM 24 months ago (7/16/2013)

Tested on Airun Box Satchel

mj 27 months ago (4/22/2013)

Tested on The Festival Collection - Draped Chain Vest

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Let's see if you can guess which brand I'm talking about. Curve-hugging dresses. Incredibly high heels. Iconic black and white ads featuring the likes of Claudia Schiffer. Yup, that's right, you guessed " GUESS? No, I'm not telling you to guess again. The classic albeit confusingly-named brand is still going strong today with plenty of clothes and accessories that will bring out that inner sassiness. Wear their pieces from head to toe and ask your friends to play a game called, "Guess the Designer."