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Goody Beads , founded in 2004, is an excellent place to shop for beads and jewelry supplies.

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Goody Beads

LinsayT. - Tested on 4.5mm Sterling Silver Alphabet Beads 2/7/14

2 months ago (2.07.2014)

LinsayT. - Tested on Tea Party Bead Set 1/28/14

2 months ago (1.28.2014)

LinsayT.- Tested on Heart Rings 10/7/13

6 months ago (10.07.2013)

Tested on 4.75" Silver Curved Bookmark.

8 months ago (7.25.2013)

Tspear - Tested on 12mm Metallic Peacock Rondelle Chinese Crystal Beads.

10 months ago (6.19.2013)

Tspear - Tested on 4mm Crystal Rondelle Chinese Crystal Beads

11 months ago (5.21.2013)

JC tested on 6 Inch Expandable Silver Finish Wire Bracelet with Catch

13 months ago (3.22.2013)

Tspear - Tested on 3mm Braided Nylon Parachute Cord - Neon Orange.

14 months ago (2.18.2013)

Tested on 14mm White Cat's Eye Beads with Rhinestones - Large Hole (100)

14 months ago (1.29.2013) by danae

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9 months ago (6.27.2013)

This needs to be removed, it does not work. I am a new customer and am very disappointed.

15 months ago (1.04.2013)

does not work

33 months ago (7.26.2011) by michelle

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