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Established by world-renowned chef Alan Tetreault, Global Sugar is a cake maker’s dream. The retailer features over 10,000 products including decorating supplies, tools and instructional DVDs and books. Each product is carefully reviewed and researched by experts. The company’s priority is to stock only supplies and tools for making the trendiest cakes. From fillings and fondant to stencils and sprinkles, Global Sugar has it all. And, the number of molds, cake pans and cookie cutters is staggering. Seahorse and starfish molds. Owl and octopus cookie cutters. And, of course cake pans for the hottest cake of the decade: the Topsy Turvy. This retailer has something for everyone, from the professional cake maker to those who just like to play around in the kitchen. Whatever your baking status, with Global Sugar, you never get bored with baking.


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