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Anonymous 16 months ago (3/12/2014)

doesn't work anymore

Anonymous 19 months ago (1/07/2014)

Worked on sweet bundle

Anonymous 24 months ago (8/09/2013)

worked on rainbow g's 6-pack

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Anonymous 14 months ago (5/18/2014)

I don't even see a deal. It just says gPants. ???

Anonymous 32 months ago (12/10/2012)

went to use this discount and it was NOT added at checkout like advertised to. just wanted to let others know that this isn't a working deal/coupon.

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Gdiapers Gdiapers is an online boutique that sells environmentally friendly diapers. Customers have the possibility to order tiny gPants, everyday packs, gRefills packages in different sizes, gCloth inserts, gCycle tee sets, gDarling dress sets and more.