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CB 12 months ago (5/26/2014)

Same here... no discount given

Ffv 24 months ago (5/23/2013)


Davidson 28 months ago (1/27/2013)

This did not work when I checked out at Gatewaysupplies. No discount was given.

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CB 12 months ago (5/26/2014)

Not a coupon. Price was regular price, no discount.

Anonymous 23 months ago (6/30/2013)

Pop up does not apply to any thing a checkout with out a code. none given.

tried 26 months ago (3/08/2013)

pops up a window saying discount will be automatically applied at checkout, but checkout requires a code to enter. doesnt work

larry mazzola 26 months ago (3/04/2013)

this is no valid coupon. i bought something expecting a discount at checkout to no avail

Pat 41 months ago (12/29/2011)

There is no "Deal." It's just a link to the business, with a discount implies but none actual. You ought to work for the government.

serg 43 months ago (10/17/2011)

good deal prices

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Gate House Supplies offers everything that you need for your gate like gate operators, remote controls, replacement parts and much more.