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Garrett Popcorn offers hot-air popped, fresh and delicious popcorn, made from ingredients of the highest quality. The popcorn is made without the use of oil or fat during the popping process, making it a healthy snack.

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Garrett Popcorn

Worked on
Garrett Signature Pink
2 Gallon
Macadamia CaramelCrisp

1 month ago (3.04.2014)

Worked on New York Skyline 1 Gallon CheeseCorn x 16

7 months ago (9.11.2013)

Worked on Americana Tin 1 Gallon - CaramelCrisp

7 months ago (8.23.2013)

Verified on the Garrett Popcorn site

10 months ago (5.29.2013)

Garrett Popcorn Coupons


Didn't work

25 days ago (3.22.2014)

Code did not work with garrett popcorn...

3 months ago (12.19.2013)

Code did not work with garrett popcorn...

3 months ago (12.19.2013)


12 months ago (3.27.2013)

This is not a valid promotional code

14 months ago (2.20.2013)

Thanks for letting me know! Very helpful

16 months ago (12.08.2012)

says coupon invalid

16 months ago (11.27.2012)

doesn't work.

20 months ago (7.30.2012)

Adds 20% to your total - doesn't work!

28 months ago (12.15.2011)

definitely doesn't work...

28 months ago (12.11.2011)

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