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Gardens Alive! is a natural gardening company dedicated to biological control of garden pests. Gardens Alive! sells beneficial insects, organic plant foods and many other gardening products.

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Gardens Alive! Coupons

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Gardens Alive!


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Savings Tips

Typical Discounts

Stay & Save in the Loop

Gardens Alive! offers an instant $25 off coupon when you subscribe to their email newsletter. Register for the newsletter by furnishing your email address in the ‘newsletter’ box on their homepage. The newsletter allows you to keep abreast of products and deals.

Enjoy Garden Club Discounts

Maximize your savings by joining the Stay Organic Garden Club. Members are required to pay annual membership dues, and they receive 10% off all catalog items. This discount also applies to sale items.

Coupon Savings

Ultimate Coupons offers several Gardens Alive! dollar-off coupons, which provide savings when a customer’s order exceeds a certain amount. In the past, percentage-off coupons have also been available for as much as 50% off, but these tend to be less common. Exclusions may apply, so make sure your cart reflects the desired discounts during checkout.

How Experts Save More

Shop Holiday Sales

Knowing when to shop can yield tremendous savings. Gardens Alive! holds their best sales around Labor Day, Christmas and other major holidays. Holiday sales feature a wide variety of merchandise discounts all across the Gardens Alive! website.

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