1. Stock Up on the Rewards
With their rewards program, you have the opportunity to earn blue coins for doing certain things on their site. From writing a review on a game to purchasing games in general, there are loads of opportunities to earn coins and climb through the various member levels to save on your video game purchases.

Purchase a game and get 5% of the price refunded in reward coins. Get 1,000 coins for writing a walkthrough for a game. Earn 300 coins for being the first person to post a review on a game, and 150 if you are a subsequent reviewer. Plenty of other opportunities are available to earn coins. Higher status means lower prices on games. White members are those between 0 and 1,249 points. Green members are 1,250 to 4,999 points, yellow members have 5,000 to 12,499 points, red members have 12,500 to 99,999 points and black members have more than 100,000 points. While someone who is at the white level might only get 3% off on a video game, someone who is at the black level can get 10% or more.