1. Become an FTD.com Gold Member

When you sign up for FTD.com’s paid Gold Membership, you’ll receive year-round free shipping on your order of plants, flowers and gifts. Additionally, you will avoid service fees such as those typically applied to same day and next day shipping. FTD.com also offers a dedicated Deals page that is exclusive to members. Membership costs $39.99 per year.

2. Check for the Latest Deals Before You Shop

FTD.com often runs daily deals where customers receive price cuts on flowers and other gift items. For example, during one of their daily deals, customers who purchased a specific bouquet of flowers received $10 off the original price. They also offer deals where you can receive reduced shipping deals based on your delivery date and where your order will be delivered. Similarly, customers can receive sitewide discounts simply by making up their own URL. For example, if you typed in FTD.com/FTD83 in your browser, you will be redirected to a page that will offer you discounts, such as 10% off on certain items.