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When you're looking for the latest trends in apparel, accessories and jewelry or the cutest gift items, without paying department store prices, check out the great selection at Francesca's. Starting with one shop in 1999 in Houston, Texas, the company's model of creating a boutique experience that's cute and fun to shop without the high-end boutique prices has been so successful they have now grown to over 500 locations in 45 states, as well as a flourishing website. Francesca's buyers hand-pick merchandise that is bright, bold and playful, looking for items that are fun to wear and to give as gifts. You'll discover something new and unique in this treasure-filled shop daily. With everything from clothing and footwear in the latest styles and prints to statement jewelry with many styles under $25, to accessories like handbags, scarves and sunglasses and the best home d├ęcor items, there's something for everyone here.