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For Your Legs offers leg wear and support wear products that are recommended medically for healthier legs. You can shop from their huge collection of compression stockings and support hosiery products.

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For Your Legs

LinsayT. - Tested online 7/7/14

5 months ago (7.07.2014)


9 months ago (3.05.2014)

Tested on Jobst Socks

13 months ago (11.18.2013) by eman

Tested on Silver Sole Anklet Socks

15 months ago (9.18.2013) by Eman

For Your Legs Coupons


Not working, please remove

4 months ago (8.19.2014)

Did not work on 7/12/2014

5 months ago (7.12.2014)

Didn't work for me either!

7 months ago (5.20.2014)

Tried to use it, but was not taken. Why promise a discount if it isn't going to work?

7 months ago (5.06.2014)

Did not work on 4-15-2014

8 months ago (4.15.2014)

Code does not work

11 months ago (12.31.2013)

Didn't work on August 31, 2013

15 months ago (8.31.2013)

Tried coupon code but it would not take it . So I did not order the three pr. because it said they would be 27.95 for 3pr. it charged me 28.95 for the 3 pr. so I did not order. It should have charged me 77.95., then I would have ordered. Please correct me if I am wrong, I have ordered from you before and would like to order again.

16 months ago (8.05.2013) by HB Squires

did not work for me. 7/12/13

17 months ago (7.12.2013)

Didn't work!!!

17 months ago (7.05.2013) by Ellen

Code not recognized

18 months ago (6.19.2013) by ee

Just tried code - it did not work. :(

18 months ago (6.03.2013)

I try to use this coupon and is not accepted. What is going on

21 months ago (2.26.2013)

Was not accepted at checkout .

22 months ago (2.19.2013)

would not work, gave no good reason for not accepting this coupon;

22 months ago (2.19.2013)

None of the coupons worked for me.

23 months ago (1.23.2013)

was expired

23 months ago (1.05.2013)

Wouldn't honor it

26 months ago (10.06.2012)

This is an invalid coupon

28 months ago (8.16.2012)

I typed the coupon code at checkout and the message was that it was invalid or expired

28 months ago (8.05.2012) by LeRoy D. Sanders