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Susan S. 8 months ago (10/27/2014)

Tested on Embroidered High Back Black Leather Executive Office Chair with Leather Padded Loop Arms.

Anonymous 9 months ago (9/26/2014)

fake coupon

Anonymous 9 months ago (9/21/2014)

Coupon did not work

Anonymous 11 months ago (8/01/2014)

t/o: email prompt iblori

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Anonymous 10 months ago (8/19/2014)

t/o: Up to 60% off 8/19

Anonymous 16 months ago (2/20/2014)

Tested on: Pkg of 2 HD Vision Glasses

Anonymous 21 months ago (9/15/2013)

great deal thanks.

Carol Garlanger 22 months ago (8/21/2013)

I called Whateverworks and this company does not recognize"third party" coupons so I received no discount at all . The claim that the discount has been applied is not true.

iblori 30 months ago (12/31/2012)

Tested on: Wraparound Amber Sunglasses

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Flooring supply shop builds and remodels commercial and residential structures. The carry all kinds of flooring products like tiles, floor heating system, waterproofing membranes, tile and stone sealers, and more.