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Fingerhut sells brand-name merchandise, including apparel, appliances, electronics, health and beauty products, home furnishings, jewelry, toys, kitchen wares, luggage, and sporting goods through its catalog and website.

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Nope, did NOT work

9 days ago (10.10.2014) by vicky

Allison needs another line of work!! Didnt work for me either...

21 days ago (9.28.2014) by Kay

Allison verified all these codes, must need lots of grills ;)

1 month ago (9.20.2014)


2 months ago (8.20.2014)


2 months ago (8.20.2014)

Verified on Char-Broil 40000 Btu BBQ Grill with Side Burner

2 months ago (8.04.2014) by Allison


Verified on Relic Montclare Wristlet

10 months ago (12.05.2013) by Allison

verified on Laken Black / White Queen 30pc Comforter Super Set

15 months ago (7.10.2013) by BethC

verified on wearever nonstick cookware set

17 months ago (5.14.2013) by BethC

verified on WearEver nonstick cookware set

19 months ago (3.13.2013) by BethC

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Savings Tips

Typical Discounts

Get Email Offers

You can request to receive emails from Fingerhut. If you choose to do so, they will notify you of special offers and events. You can sign up by entering your email at the bottom of their homepage.

Look for Coupon Codes sends out a sitewide free shipping code every couple of months to everyone on their email list. Occasionally, you may find coupon codes that offer free shipping with minimum purchase in a specific category, such as outerwear.

Aside from free shipping coupons, look for sitewide percentage-off discounts every month or two. Also, look for codes that provide a free gift with a purchase. Some of these offers can be stacked, so be sure to read the fine print before checkout.

Shop Sales

They release three to four deals each week in different categories. For example, one week, you may be able to take an additional 40% off clearance apparel, bath and shoes all at once.

Be sure to check out their Clearance and Price Break sections, which feature significant savings on a variety of products.

Creative Deal Hunting

Enter Sweepstakes

Visit their Fun Zone and enter for a chance to win cash and prizes, including tablets, TVs and fabulous vacation packages. You can enter once per day.

How Experts Save Even More

Get the Best Deals

Look for the best discounts around Black Friday, Christmas and Labor Day. If you can't wait that long, check their clearance page, as new deals are added frequently. Note that some deals are only available if you finance your purchase with a Fingerhut credit account.

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