Typical Discounts

Famous Emails

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Free Shipping

Famous-Smoke.com often offers free shipping on select items. Many times, these items will be advertised on their homepage. Note that someone must be home to sign for the receipt of your shipment, due to the age-sensitive nature of products.

Sales & Coupons

They are always running a sale or promotion. You can readily find percentage or dollar-off deals, free gifts with purchase, free shipping and more.

Save every day with Famous Smoke Shop’s Five-Pack Frenzy. Buy four five-packs and get a fifth free!

You will find great prices in their Cigar Closeout section, where you can save over 50% on liquidation merchandise.

If you are not sure what you are looking for, head to their Wingman Samplers section for low-price deals on bulk orders.

Creative Deal Hunting

Smoke out the Deals with Social Media

Learn the fine art of cigar smoking by becoming a fan of Famous Smoke Shop on Facebook and Twitter. These pages will keep you informed of the latest innovations, products and deals available.

Occasionally, Famous Smoke Shop will hold giveaways for huge bundles of their high-quality cigars. For a chance to win, all you have to do is ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ them!

How Experts Save Even More

Shop at the Right Time for You

Famous Smoke Shop always has great deals to offer. Keep an eye out for their newsletter, which will let you know when the products you are looking for qualify for a promotion.

Famous Smoke Shop does have some larger annual sales, around Halloween, Valentine’s Day and other holidays. You will find sitewide promotions during these times.

A great place to save year-round is their clearance section, where they offer deeply discounted items that need to be liquidated to make room for more stock.

Read the Fine Print

Most times, coupon codes cannot be combined with other deals, but make sure to read the fine print. You may be surprised with a deal that can be stacked for extra savings.